Crystal Collection

We are pleased to present a high quality collection of Uruguayan crystals, especially amethyst, directly sourced from the prestigious mines of Artigas, Uruguay.

Uruguayan amethyst is considered to be the finest in the world, notable for its rich deep purple colour, the large size of its peaked crystals and its durability. These crystals were formed over 130-140 million years.


Amethyst is a variety of Quartz (hardness of 7 on the Mohs’ Scale) which includes tiny traces of iron that creates its purple colour. This colour varies from pinkish-lavender to deep violet.

Amethyst crystals are found inside vugs (hollow cavities) or geodes (rounded or spheroidal-shapped vugs), in volcanic areas or sedimentary rocks. In some cases, mineral-laden water filters through these hollow voids over millions of years, creating a crystal lining called druze.

Geodes containing amethyst are often formed in Basalt (volcanic rock) and can be found in Uruguay and Brasil. The enchantment of finding a geode is discovering the hidden crystals that have formed inside over millions of year.

These crystals can be of a single type or a wonderful mixture of amethysts, agate, calcite, citrine and rock crystal.

amethyst from Uruguay

Amethyst Through the Ages

  • Healing powers to help with physical ailments, emotional issues and in energy.
  • Chakra balancing.
  • Protective properties.
  • Transform negative energy/thoughts into positive.
  • Natural stress reliever calming emotions.
  • Combating insomnia, regulating sleep and improving rest.
  • Chinese Fengshui - can amplify energy in the home.
  • Meditation.