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Unique antique handmade porcelain discovered in shipwrecks from the 15th century and early 18th century 





Carol Tresor combines a passion for beautiful antique pieces and crystals with a business.  

The company began in 2017 as an online business and during 2018 started to exhibit at antique fairs and markets.

The specialization of CT:

  • Dealing in beautiful porcelain from historic shipwrecks. All the pieces are from official salvages, with their corresponding provenance and are of high quality. They are all real treasures, as they were discovered  in the deep sea after being hidden for hundreds of years. Each piece is unique and handmade, so even if they have the same pattern no two are the same!
  • Dealing in high quality collection Uruguayan crystals, especially amethyst directly sourced from the prestigious mines of Artigas-Uruguay. Uruguayan amethyst is considered to be the finest in the world, due to its rich deep purple colour, the large size of its peaked crystals and its durability. 

It is possible to browse the pieces and crystals online through this website and during the antiques fairs and markets were CT exhibits.

Events 2019

Please find our beautiful pieces at the following antiques fairs and markets:

February 2019

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February 2019

05/02/19 -  Sandown Antique Market / Surrey

16/02/19 -  Alexandra Palace / London

24/02/18 -  Adams Antique Fair / London

April 2019

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April 2019

02/04/19 -  Sandown Antique Market / Surrey

28/04/18 -  Adams Antique Fair / London

May 2019

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May 2019

07/05/19 -  Sandown Antique Market / Surrey

19/05/19 -  Alexandra Palace / London

26/05/18 -  Adams Antique Fair / London

June 2019

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June 2019

02/06/19 -  Sandown Antique Market / Surrey

16/06/19 -  Adams Antique Fair / London

19/06/19 to 28/06/19 -  The Art & Antiques Fair / Olympia - London


July 2019

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July 2019

07/07/19 - Adams Antique Fair / London

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  • Year: Circa late 15th century (same period as Henry VIII)
  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Auction: Butterfields – San Francisco, California, USA / October 2000

The Hoi An wreck was discovered in the early 1990s off the coast of Vietnam. The ship dates to the 15th Century, and its porcelain was very difficult to salvage due to the depth of 230 feet. The rare Vietnamese blue and white porcelain generated considerable excitement when it was auctioned at Butterfields in 2000.



  • Year: Circa 1822
  • Origin: Chinese
  • Auction: Nagel – Stuttgart, Germany / November - 2000

 The Tek Sing (“True Star”) is was nicknamed the “Titanic of the East” due to the large number of passengers on board, only some of whom survived. A huge quantity (350,000) of the ships cargo was salvaged in 1999 and came to auction in Stuttgart, Germany.



  • Year: Circa 1750
  • Origin: Chinese
  • Auction: Christies –Amsterdam, Netherlands / April - 1986

The fine export porcelain of the Geldermalsen, originally destined for the Netherlands, went down with the rest of the ship 3rd January 1752. It was discovered on a reef by famous salvager Michael Hatcher and finally auctioned in Christies -Amsterdam in 1986. 



  • Year: Circa 1725 (early 18th century)
  • Origin: Chinese
  • Auction: Sotheby’s – Amsterdam, Netherlands / January - 2007

The porcelain cargo of the Ca Mau wreck was originally intended for the western market but after an intense fire on board, the ship sank 90 miles of the coast of Canton. The porcelain finally reached the west in 2007, when it was auctioned to much acclaim at Sotheby’s Amsterdam.




We are pleased to present a high quality collection of Uruguayan amethyst directly sourced from the prestigious mines of Artigas. 

Uruguayan amethyst from Artigas is considered to be the finest in the world, notable for its rich purple colour and the size of its peaked crystals. These crystals were formed over 130-140 million years.



Amethyst is a variety of Quartz (hardness of 7 on the Mohs’ Scale) which includes tiny traces of iron that creates its purple colour. This colour varies from pinkish-lavender to deep violet.  

Amethyst crystals are found inside vugs (hollow cavities) or geodes (rounded or spheroidal-shapped vugs), in volcanic areas or sedimentary rocks.

In some cases, mineral-laden water filters through these hollow voids, creating a crystal lining called druze over millions of years.

Geodes containing amethyst are often formed in Basalt (volcanic rock) and can be found in Uruguay and Brasil. 

The enchantment of finding a geode, is discovering the hidden crystals that have formed inside over millions of year. These crystals can be of a single type or a wonderful mixture of amethysts, agate, calcite, citrine and rock crystal.  



· Healing powers to help with physical ailments, emotional issues and in energy.

· Chakra balancing. 

· Protective properties.

· Transform negative energy/thoughts into positive.

· Natural stress reliever calming emotions.

· Combating insomnia, regulating sleep and improving rest. 

· Chinese Fengshui -  can amplify energy in the home.

· Meditation.

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