No. 861

Place of origin: China

Height (Including Stand): 11cm 

Dimensions: W 7cm x D 5m x H 9cm

This striking specimen is a combination of Azurite and Malachite, sourced from China. The piece features a captivating interplay of deep blue Azurite crystals and vibrant green Malachite formations. The Azurite crystals, with their rich, dark blue hue and sparkling surface, create a stunning contrast against the smooth, botryoidal Malachite, which adds a vibrant green color and unique texture to the piece.

The overall structure presents a dynamic visual appeal, with the Azurite crystals nestled within the Malachite matrix, creating an eye-catching display. This Azurite-Malachite combination not only highlights the unique characteristics of each mineral but also celebrates the natural artistry of their formation, making it a truly remarkable and collectible piece.

Price   SOLD