No. 385

Place of origin: Artigas – Uruguay

Geological period: Cretaceous

Age: 120-140 million years old

Height (including stand): 66cm

Dimensions: H 54cm x W 44cm x D 28cm

A one of a kind, spectacular white quartz piece with a calcite formation. This piece is a stunning natural sculpture resembling a tree on a hill of white quartz. The prominent central trunk of calcite is beautifully overlaid with white quartz crystals, with traces of pink druze. The back of the piece is retains its rough basalt finish, allowing us to imagine how it was spotted and formed inside the cavity of volcanic rock, millions of years ago. The edges of the geodes have also been polished, revealing a vibrant combination of grey and brown agate, a thin layer of pink jasper and white quartz framing the beautiful natural creation. It’s a collector’s piece of museum quality. A very decorative formation, displayed on a custom metal stand. The dimensions of the stand can be customized as per client’s request.