No. 285

Place of origin: Artigas – Uruguay

Geological period: Cretaceous

Age: 120-140 million years old

Height (including stand): 17cm

Dimensions: H 14cm x W 20cm x D 15cm
This stunning piece is a light violet/lilac amethyst with unique stalactite formations, presented as a mesmerising half geode on a stylish decorative metal stand. The edges of this beautiful mineralogical piece have been polished, to reveal a layer of green celadonite, light brown agate bordering the rough basalt, and the stunning aesthetic is finished with a smattering of white quartz. The bottom of the piece maintains its rough basalt condition allowing us to imagine how it was spotted and formed inside the cavities of volcanic rock millions of years ago. This stunning piece is very decorative, due to its shape and size, and is displayed on a custom metal stand.