Complete Amethyst Geode With Several Crystal Formations Inside

SMALL amethyst GEODE with several crystal FORMATIONS inside

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Place of origin: Artigas – Uruguay
Geological period: Cretaceous
: 120-140 million years old
Dimensions: H 23cm x W24cm x D 10cm
Condition: This is an original piece without any restoration.

Resembling an infinity sign, this whole geode is a stunning and rich piece, full of mineralogical information.

The outer layer is basalt, the interior amethyst crystals, and at the heart of the geode lies a rare variety of mineral formations that developed naturally over the course of millions of years.

The facing edges on both sides have been polished to reveal green celadonite, agate layer and white quartz, which contrast with the tactile texture of the rough basalt. It is rare to get a whole geode of this form, allowing us to appreciate the original bubble shape inside the ancient basalt.

The way this geode is presented, with its two windows on either side, allows us to have an insight into the natural wonders, that occurred through the ages. The special formations include calcites, red and black druze and white quartz, arranged around the amethyst core. Calcite formation on amethyst is relatively rare, owing to the different formation temperatures required for the two minerals to occur.

This piece is free standing and decorative in its size but contains a vast mineralogical variation.

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