About Us

Carol Tresor

Carol Tresor combines a passion for beautiful antique pieces and crystals with a business. We specialise in:

Uruguyan Amethysts

Dealing in high quality collection Uruguayan crystals, especially amethyst directly sourced from the prestigious mines of Artigas, Uruguay.

Uruguayan amethyst is considered to be the finest in the world, due to its rich deep purple colour, the large size of its peaked crystals and its durability.


Dealing in beautiful porcelain from historic shipwrecks.

All the pieces are from official salvages, with their corresponding provenance. All the pieces are of high quality and are real treasures, as they were discovered in the deep sea after being hidden for hundreds of years.

Each piece is unique and handmade, so even if they have the same pattern no two are the same.


You can browse the pieces and crystals online through this website and during the antiques fairs and markets where CT exhibits, in the UK and abroad.