No. 849

Place of origin: Artigas, Uruguay

Height (Including Stand): 84cm 

Dimensions: H 74cm x W 48cm x D 31cm

Magnificent Amethyst geode, a captivating treasure with a heart of intense purple and a unique large calcite, cradled in a custom rotating stand for a 360-degree view of its splendour. This piece is distinguished by a striking Calcite crystal, elegantly veiled in a fine drapery of lilac Amethyst. The calcite is further adorned with a delicate quartz blanket and black hematite accents, enhancing the depth and allure of the formation.

Exquisitely extracted with the aid of light and a camera’s guiding eye, this geode has been meticulously cut to preserve its majestic presence. The process safeguarded its integrity, allowing the geode to retain the very portal through which the camera once peered, revealing the hidden wonders within.

This geode is a striking manifestation of the marvels that lie concealed within the depths of the Earth.