No. 380

Place of origin: Artigas – Uruguay

Geological period: Cretaceous

Age: 120-140 million years old

Dimensions: H 171cm x W 85cm x D 75cm

An exquisite and impressive very large half geode, resembling a towering column of crystals. This breath-taking piece represents one of the most exclusiveamethystformationstobepresentedforsale.Verylargetowering deep purple amethyst split geode. Evoking a sense of elegant grandeur, the rare beauty of this piece lies in the deep, intense purple violet colour of the amethyst crystals that are within the stunning half geode and the particularly high size of their peaks. The scale of this natural wonder creates a truly awe-inspiring feeling. Theedgesofthegeodehavebeenpolished,revealingavibrantcombination of brown and grey agate, green celadonite and white quartz - the minerals that framed the amethyst creation on the inside. The back of the piece is rough basalt, varnished in black and allowing us to imagine how this stunning crystal formation was formed inside the cavities of volcanic rock millions of years ago. It’s very hard to find a complete half geode of these dimensions and form, that allows us to appreciate all the natural magic occurring inside these volcanic rocks, and the beauty of their formation. A one-of-a kind, museum piece.

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