Antique Porcelain Box Shipwreck - Chinese Style Vietnamese

Vietnam box shipwrecked

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This item is a very rare and gorgeous hand made porcelain box from the HOI AN HOARD (diameter 5,cm). I selected this piece for its beautiful design with a landscape with mountains, trees and flowers located in the centre surrounded by ornamented circles.

In addition, the box is all ornamented around with plants and birds (see photos). This unique item belongs to a collection salvaged from a shipwreck found in the deep sea of Vietnam.The box dates to the mid- to late-15th century. The piece is very delicate and well proportioned. The piece is in very good condition and what makes this item special and rare is that the lead definitely belongs to the base.

This emerges from the fact that the design of plants and birds in the lid continue in the bottom of the box. In addition, what makes this item special and rare is the design - bird design is very unusual in porcelain form the HOI AN HOARD. The box has 4 small chips in the lip of the lid. As the pictures show, this is a genuine an legal piece from the HOI AN with the original inventory tag and unique number.

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